Unveiling Potential Through Exposure
Math and Science Educational Tip of the Week: Having Convos about STEM with your Child

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a STEM professional to have conversations about STEM with your child. STEM is all around us and is a part of our everyday lives, so it can be easy to have conversations about STEM. It can be as simple as talking about STEM in your home, from the electronic devices, electrical and plumbing systems, recycling and composting that may take place in your neighborhood. You can have great discussions about how things work in society such as cars, planes, bridges, weather, pollution etc.  For all your kids, you can discuss things that happen in the news that may be related to STEM and read articles about STEM. For your older kids that are on social media, you can have them follow STEM related pages such as CDC, Scientific American, Engineering Go For It, among others and discuss what comes in their Facebook Feed and/or Twitter Timelines. Whether your child is interested in STEM or not, it is an important skill set for them to have the ability to be able to talk about STEM. The ability to talk about STEM is a key component of being scientifically literate.

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